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Cove Groups

A place to build meaningful relationships

During the week we meet at to learn about God, share stories, scripture, prayer, get to know one another, meet new friends and build strong Christ centered community. Our prayer is that no one would be isolated in this city. We can't wait to host you and meet you soon!

Wesley & Kathryn Temple

Co-ed | Monday | 7PM | Weekly

HOME (Willoughby)

In - person - message for address

Matt Jackson

Co-ed | Tuesday | 7PM | Weekly

Movie Night

At Cove

Kathryn Wilcox & Sara Jorgenson

Co-ed | Wednesday | 7PM | Weekly

HOME (Cleveland Heights)

In-person - message for address!

Donovan Byler & Steven Hernandez

Co-ed | Wednesday | 7PM | Weekly

At Cove

Landon Oglesby & Phil Colvin

Co-ed | Friday | 6:30PM | Weekly

At Cove

Cory Walker

Co-ed | Saturday | 8:30AM | Weekly

At Cove

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